Start a Collegiate Chapter

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi is currently accepting requests for collegiate expansion and is actively seeking establishment at different universities!

There is nothing more exciting than becoming sisters with your best friends and a wonderful group of women from all around the United States. We hope that when choosing to start a sorority you will consider Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi.

IMG_6883 The first step is the easiest! Gather a group of women interested in starting a Jewish sorority and contact our Executive Office.

Then, the office will evaluate your request, look at all criteria and decide whether or not to expand to your university. If it all fits, the Executive Director will discuss the expansion program with you and help you begin your journey toward chartering a chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi.

There are several criteria you will need to meet before we can establish a colony of our organization at your institution. The sooner you accomplish these tasks, the sooner you can become a colony. This phase could be very short, taking just a few weeks, or could take a few months.

After your application has been evaluated and accepted, your group of  women will be established as a colony. During this visit by the Executive Director and members of the National Board and Executive Office, you will establish your founding mothers and participate in colony education (a comprehensive training about our organization and its practices) and become a colony of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. This group of women will spend a minimum of one year as a colony, learning about Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi and meeting a new set of milestones on the quest for chapterhood.

Chapter installation is the most exciting part of the expansion process. After an average of a year and a half to two years of growth and hard work, you will be given an invitation to be installed as a full chapter of our organization.