A collegiate experience with Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi will provide you with a lifelong experience of friendship, leadership development, professional experiences, and community service. Our organization prides itself on having a diverse group of dedicated members from many different backgrounds. Membership in our organization is based on a potential new member's interest in and dedication to our core values of unity, strength, sincere sisterhood, trust, and Jewish values. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi also values high academic standards and the importance of giving back to our community through service and philanthropy.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi adheres to a strict anti-hazing policy for all of our chapters. We are focused on recruitment, pledge, and membership experiences that are completely free of hazing, and  on creating a relationship and bond between each and every sister, along with developing an understanding of the values that hold our organization together.

Please visit our Collegiate Chapters page to see if there is a chapter at your current or future college campus! If there isn't a chapter but you are still interested in our organization, or if you are wondering if there is a Sigma colony on your campus, please see Start A Collegiate Chapter or Contact Us.